Spinalogy is a chain of super-specialty clinic focused on Non-Surgical Treatment of Neck, Back & Joint pain. Spinalogy approach is based on Multidisciplinary, Evidenced Based, Scientific treatments. The "Spinalogy Treatment" has emerged through a detailed study, thorough research, and discussions. "Team Spinalogy" is enriched with expertise in various fields such as Orthopedic, Spine Care, Manual Therapy, Physiotherapy, Ergonomics, Family Medicine, Pain Management, Psychology, Ayurveda etc. The exceptionally talented, experienced, and dedicated team of Physiotherapists and Orthopedic Surgeons at Spinalogy enables our patients to receive comprehensive, patient-centered curative health care.

Spinal Cord

“We believe in stimulating the intrinsic human capacity for healing in natural ways, restoring the body’s Bio-Mechano-Chemical balance with minimal intervention, empowering patients in their own care, while providing them with therapies proved to be safe and effective for long term cure. We are 100 % devoted to keeping you moving." - Dr Kiran Shete, Founder Medical Director.

The common conditions we treat are low back pain, neck pain, slip disc, sciatica, spondylosis, knee arthritis, shoulder, elbow, wrist and other joint pains. Our strength is: We try and cure you naturally for long term with minimal medicines and maximum care. Not only Cure but Prevention of future problems is also our focus so that you don’t have to worry about your pain coming back in future.

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