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Complementary Therapy
February 21st ,2023

Complementary Therapy

Through complementary therapies, we integrate modern medical therapies with traditional medicinal sciences like Ayurveda and Naturopathy. Our Complementary Therapy Consultant plans your customised treatment after a detailed history and evaluation. All our herbs and oils are standardised and authentic as we do not compromise with the quality of the patient’s treatment. These therapies have shown excellent results with spine and joint conditions.

At Spinalogy, complementary therapies deal with traditional Ayurvedic healing that helps the body restore its health using natural products. Depending upon the condition, various therapeutic treatments are given that suit varying needs of the patients.

These are natural therapies that reduce physical and mental stress and strengthen our body. While practicing complementary therapies, our team makes sure that they concentrate on whole patient wellness by attempting to find the underlying cause of the patient’s condition rather than emphasizing only on symptomatic treatment. We at Spinalogy treat individual patient with emphasis on prevention and self-care for healthy living.

In our experience, the Ayurvedic methods used in complementary therapies at Spinalogy have shown excellent results with patient conditions. Our doctors are highly knowledgeable and boast of a vast experience. We use authentic and standardised ayurvedic oils specific to a particular ailment.

Complementary therapies significantly have positive effect on the following systems of the body: -

Musculoskeletal system – Improves the joint movements and muscle tone. Reduces the stiffens, spasm and micro injuries of the muscles.

Nervous System – Stimulates the nerves, soothes Central Nervous System (CNS)

Circulatory system – Improves blood circulation which increases the uptake of oxygen and nutrients in the body thus speeding healing process.

Lymphatic System – Cleanses the lymphatic system.

Endocrine system – Regulates hormonal imbalances.

Digestive system – Improves digestion and bowel habits especially constipation.

We have an absolutely up to date setup to provide these therapies; it includes clean therapy rooms and therapy accessories, etc.

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