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February 21st ,2023


Ergonomics is the science of understanding the relationship between human beings and other elements in their vicinity. Most commonly, it is practiced in the workplace to reduce injuries caused by repetitive motion or incorrect posture. An Ergonomic Specialist is trained in the anatomical, biomechanical, and psychosocial factors of human functioning.

As The key element of ergonomics is posture, we analyse different positions of a person (including standing, sitting, sleeping, etc. with front and side profiles). The factors taken into consideration are age, endurance, strength, joint motion, gender, their general health, and fitness. The postural misalignments are diagnosed accordingly and corrective measures and exercises are suggested. We conduct postural analysis using Spinalogy Score and Grid analysis. We also provide ADL (activities of daily living) training where in an individual is trained on the correct postures and strategies to be adopted while sitting, standing, lifting, sleeping, and even working in kitchen.

Our Ergonomics Specialist evaluates and analyses the patient’s posture, routine physical activities and work/home space. Postural mistakes are corrected and changes in key elements in the workplace/ home/ study area are made to reduce repetitive physical injuries.

We also consult for postural changes for children. Many studies suggest that heavy backpacks result in increased disc pressure and lumbar curvature and restrict movement of spine. This makes children the prime candidates for postural and degenerative changes in later part of life. To address this often-neglected problem area, we conduct School Health Programs to help children prevent musculoskeletal injuries and problems. This non-surgical intervention can help children avoid injuries in the future.

Postural changes aids in musculoskeletal pains due to - 

  • Higher worker productivity due to added comfort
  • Lesser leaves and sick days related to poor posture
  • Happier employees
  • A safer workplace
  • Fewer workplace injuries related to repetitive motion and poor posture (non-surgical solution for postural problems)

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