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Haglund’s Deformity
March 11th ,2023

Haglund’s Deformity

Presence of bony bump on the back of the heel at insertion of tendo-achilles is known as Haglund’s deformity. Condition often leads to retro-calcaneal bursitis as well as thickening & inflammation of calcaneal tendon.


Haglund’s deformity occurs when there’s frequent pressure applied on the backs of your heels. It may be caused by wearing shoes that are too tight or stiff in the heel.

Condition also occurs in people who have a high arch, tight Achilles tendon, or who tend to walk with foot supination.


  • Bony bump on back of heel.
  • Pain & tenderness at insertion of tendo-achilles.
  • Bursal swelling at the backside of heel.
  • Redness over the bony bump.


  • Medications: Non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs to reduce inflammation.
  • Icing: Applying ice for 10mins, 3-4x/day over the heel to help relieve inflammation and pain
  • Changing the type of shoes (Wearing a back-open shoe)
  • Shoe modification (using heel pads, heel lifts) to help reduce irritation and avoid friction on the heel, using footwear arch supports for people with high arches
  • Physical Therapy: Performing gentle tendo-achilles stretches, applying ultrasound over the painful bony prominence
  • Avoiding running, jogging, jumping
  • Avoid placing pressure over your heel (avoid toe raises)

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