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Healing From A Broken Bone
February 23rd ,2023

Healing From A Broken Bone

Healing from a broken bone requires patience as well as an active lifestyle that a doctor would recommend after analysing your situation. Staying active doesn’t mean overusing the fractured bone as that can aggravate your condition further. This prevents the bones from getting weaker and also helps in restoring strength and mobility.

There are certain lifestyle changes that you can make to adjust better to your new reality. These will not only speed up the recovery process but also prevent the bone from getting damaged further.

  1. Adjust your environment to suit your new needs and make your home a safer space to walk around. Furniture rearrangement of the house to make sure there’s nothing on the floor that you can trip over.
  2. In case of arm and leg fractures, limb should be in a position higher than your heart.
  3. In case of leg cast, make sure that the cast has hardened completely before you attempt to walk on it.
  4. Cover or wrap the cast with a plastic bag before you take a shower or bath. And do not place any objects inside the cast. Avoid using lotions or powders on skin underneath the cast.
  5. Don’t attempt to scratch itchy skin under the cast with a sharp object. Call your doctor if you notice a strange or unpleasant smell coming from the cast.
  6. A single fall or even a minor accident can make a fracture worse. Make sure the house is well lit and always keep your phone nearby to contact someone in case of an emergency. Fix all the accident-prone areas in your home since a single wrong move can lead to a fall.
  7. Do not try to remove the cast yourself.
  8. In case of a fractured spine, try to keep the back straight and do not twist on your sides too much. Getting the help of a physical therapist can be really great if you’re facing trouble with daily tasks and mobility. A physical therapist will teach you how to move around and do daily tasks with the right posture.
  9. Wear Taylor’s Brace in case of Spinal Fracture.
  10. Consume healthy but easy to cook food. Cooking can be a straining and tiring activity for someone with a temporary or permanent physical disability. Therefore, always make sure to not spend too much time standing and doing chores as this can delay the healing process. Do not lift heavy objects or utensils until your bone has healed completely.
  11. Bathing can be a very difficult task with a broken bone, especially the spine. You can make use of long-handled scrubs to wash the back, legs without having to them sideways or downwards.
  12. Make sure you don’t slip on the bathroom floor when it gets wet. You can make your toilet seat higher to make getting on and off easier.
  13. Switch to a more comfortable type of footwear for avoiding tripping. Avoid shoes with laces as that can cause unnecessary strain on your body while tying laces.
  14. Other than these changes you can incorporate physical therapy into your routine to hasten the delivery process. This includes doing exercises that will not cause pain or further damage but slowly restore the body’s strength and mobility.
  15. Walking and moving around is also very important as it also impacts the mind in a positive way. Staying in one place for too long can cause bone and muscle weakness and daily fatigue.
  16. Always take certain precautions when you have a fractured bone. The very first is to never lift heavy objects or cause strain on the joints. This can aggravate the pain further and lead to further injury to the bone. Try to slide heavy things and always make the right posture while lifting or doing heavy work.

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