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Spinal Injections
March 3rd ,2023

Spinal Injections

One of the most commonly procured treatments for chronic pain in the neck and back is spinal injections. Injections have proven to be very effective in treating pain when other non-surgical treatments are not giving the desired result.

How Injections Relieve Pain

Injections function in a very head-on manner and directly supply the medicine to the affected area. Their ability to directly tackle the site of inflammation makes them a faster means of treatment compared to oral medications and physical therapy. The spinal injection contains a small dose of anti-inflammatory medication to relieve pain. This help to reduce pain and inflammation and are used to treat a variety of diseases and painful conditions like sciatica, slip disc, lumbar or cervical disc herniation, Lumbar/Cervical Spinal Stenosis, SI joint inflammation, facet arthropathy etc.

There are multiple ways of Spinal Injections such as:

 Transforaminal Epidural Injection: This injection is to be given in your epidural space. This is the space alongside your spinal cord (not inside of it). Nerves comes out from Spinal cord through this space. This technique requires C Arm machine for precise placement of medication in Transforaminal Epidural Space. The medication is injected into an area of fatty tissue surrounding the spinal nerves. Spinal Injection can be both a treatment and a way to diagnose a specific nerve root problem when there is a question.

Facet Joint Injection: Facet joint are synovial joints which are present in between two adjacent vertebras. These injections are placed into these joints of neck or low back.

SI Joint Injection: SI Injections are used to deliver medications into the Sacroiliac joint that connects the hip bones with spinal column. It reduces inflammation of SI joint.

FMBB Injection: This injection is given when pain is coming from a specific nerve which supply facet joints. This is called as Facet Medial Branch Block.

Radiofrequency ablation: In this procedure radio waves are used to block the nerves that feel pain at the joint. This gives pain relief for long time. In this procedure needle is placed near the painful nerve to complete the ablation procedure.

Caudal Epidural Injection:In this epidural injection, entry point for the needle is through tail bone (caudal route). The catheter is inserted till the desired spinal level and medication is injected after confirmation under C-Arm.

Biacuplasty:This is done to reduce the pain generated from disc degeneration. In this specific type of radiofrequency current is used to numb the nerves which cause pain from the intervertebral disc.

These are some types of Spinal Injection which helps to give you pain relief. Along with these Doctor may suggest another procedure according to your diagnosis.

Less Common Injections for Neck and Back Pain Relief.

Less commonly, pain from other joints or nerves in the spine may be treated with injections.

Stellate ganglion block: These injections treat pain arising from the stellate ganglion and alleviate pain in the neck and face region.

Ganglion Impar Block: The ganglion impar is a nerve bundle located at the end on the coccyx i.e. tailbone. Injection around this ganglion can treat pain originating from the coccyx.

Spinal injections are very easy and convenient to perform and can provide tremendous improvement in your chronic condition. These are minimally invasive and safe to use however a professional should be administering the entire process.

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